Friday 26th at 2pm GMT:
HOW TO WEAR A BOOK: by Claire Mouton and Marie-Sophie Robert

Saturday 27th at 4pm and 6pm GMT: Transmissions from the studio of MJKVDL

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Friday 26th February at 2pm GMT*
HOW TO WEAR A BOOK by Claire Mouton and Marie-Sophie Robert

A furoshiki is a piece of cotton fabric used in Japan since the 17th century (its name refers to the art of tying). A furoshiki fabric square is used to wrap anything and everything: watermelon, saké, shoes.. and of course books.. Furoshikis are a good way to carry everyday objects, recycle fabric and replace plastic.

WEAR BOOKS is a new edition for travelling books or moving readers, handmade in France by Claire Mouton and Marie-Sophie Robert.
Using books from their personal libraries exposed with a little bit of sun, Claire and Marie-Sophie have created an edition of cyanotype furoshikis, each one unique.
Each fabric square comes with its own tying suggestions for your portable library, such as an elegant 'la poche de Marguerite' handbag or a comfy 'Kerouac Backpack'. In this short film the designers show you the possibilities of ‘how to wear a book’. 

* 9am EST / 3pm CET

Saturday 27th February at 4pm and 6pm GMT*

Tenderbooks and Chateau International present a special broadcast from the studio of Mark Jan Krayenhoff van de Leur to celebrate the release of MJKVDL 2021.

MJKVDL 2021, by British photographer Rick Pushinsky, presents the first published survey of the work of architect-turned-clothing designer Mark Jan Krayenhoff van de Leur. Shot largely in the Berlin home Mark shares with his  husband, the artist AA Bronson, the book uses the language of the fashion look book to explore a deeply personal design practice in which singular garments are infused with autobiographical narratives. Mark's one-off designs emerge from labour-intensive and formally unique processes; as Madeleine Morely writes in the book's essay, "this open questioning of norms, commitment to materials, and holistic thinking combines to form Mark’s singular queering of Modernism, at once true to its egalitarian mission and resistant to prescriptive codification".

To celebrate the book's release please join us for two transmissions from Mark's Berlin studio, during which he will discuss the evolution of his practice, his specialist processes and the personal experiences that manifest in his designs.

* 11am and 1pm EST / 5pm and 7pm CET